• 0-ComprehensiveStrategies
  • 1-RespondingInTimesOfCrisis
  • 2-ProtectingOperate
  • 3-LeadingResponsibility
  • 4-BuildingObjectives
  • 5-StakeholderSupport
  • 6-InfluencingSuccess
  • 7-BuildingRelationships
  • 8-CultivatingStakeholders

Concentric Public Affairs is a Calgary-based consulting firm with a wide network of associates and partners across Canada.

We specialize in developing and implementing comprehensive strategies – and customized products – that cultivate productive relationships with industry stakeholders and build support for corporate and business objectives. Our team is among the best in our profession, offering decades of public affairs experience in the energy, resource, transportation and telecommunications sectors – among other industries.

  1. Stakeholder Relations

    Stakeholder Relations

    • Public affairs
    • Public consultation
    • Aboriginal engagement
    • Community relations
    • Government relations
  2. Strategic Communications

    Strategic Communication

    • External communications and media relations
    • Media training
    • Crisis communications
    • Marketing communications
    • Financial communications
    • Employee communications and labor relations
  3. Cutting Edge Tactical Support

    Cutting Edge Tactical Support

    • Dynamic stakeholder monitoring software
    • Video, TV and multi-media production
    • Web design and online communications
    • Event management and marketing
    • Graphic Design

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